Track of the Tiger, established in 1986, is recognized as an innovator and a market leader in responsible tourism. Based in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, we offer a variety of exciting tourism-related services aimed at showcasing the unique culture, people and natural environment of this remarkable region.
We aim to serve our clients; (special interest travelers, multinational corporations, international schools and universities, as well as volunteers) with professionalism, and with the legendary grace and charm of northern Thai hospitality. Herewith a snapshot of what we have to offer:


Corporate Team Building

The main image depicts a group undertaking our Chiang Mai City Cultural Challenge. For those with limited time due to a hectic meetings schedule, this challenge combines the basic lessons of team building; planning, communication and teamwork, within a 2-4 hr programme that has groups selecting their choice of 25-30 challenge options. Each challenge showcases a different aspect of the city or of northern Thai culture.
Our product range is extensive, it covers indoor and outdoor challenges, meeting room based activities to full on action adventure challenges. There are even options to combine team building & CSR. Our prices represent value for money and our list of past and repeat customers attests to our reputation. (Read more.)


Special Events

Are you putting on an event in Chiang Mai? If so you probably want to move beyond the hotel for at least one night. The venue options are many and varied, as is the menu and the entertainment. Travel between hotel and venue is easy and with Tuk Tuk convoys or police escorts can be an event in themselves. Few destinations allow the low cost, high perceived value events that Chiang Mai does, and Track of the Tiger’s reputation for innovation, creativity and service is well deserved. (Read more.)


Outdoor & Environmental Education Services

As a tourist destination, university town, and the cultural showcase of the Kingdom, Chiang Mai is without doubt Thailand’s best choice for the International Schools market. From our base in the city we provide access to the full range of sightseeing experiences. 30-45 minutes out we offer elephants, kayaks, mountain bikes and dedicated (DofE) Duke of Edinburgh Award programmes, (and variations of them.) From our dedicated outdoor, environmental education and research centre.


Track of the Tiger Tours

From nature trails and 3-4 day eco-education refreshers to cooking classes. From interacting with elephants to visiting little know places of special interest, we have 25 years of experience in introducing visitors, and now their children, to the rich culture and diverse attractions of northern Thailand. Read more about what we have to offer. Please also review or download our tourist handbook on northern Thailand.


Volunteers Without Borders

Volunteers Without Borders operates 1, 2, 3 or 4 week multi-activity programmes in support of community & small business tourism development in Chiang Mai Thailand. Assignments include: Teaching Basic English, environmental education, engaging in biodiversity monitoring, sustainable agriculture and 2nd revenue stream generation. All work is hands-on and ensures you experience a high degree of cultural immersion.

In 2004Track of the Tiger established Volunteers Without Borders to undertake the Pang Soong Nature Trails Project, an environmental education/ecotourism product development in partnership with the ‘fermented tea farmers’ of Ban Mae Lai. In 2006 we won the coveted SKAL Ecotourism Award for establishing a tourism operator led, community owned attraction.

Our operational model, programme content, value for money and transparency with regard to exactly where your money is spent sets us apart from the rest – compare our programmes and pricing – and see for yourself.(Read more.)